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Aniversário 30 Edition Hardback Series

Client: Editora Abril

Project Name: Aniversário Da II Guerra Mundial

Description: Editora Abril, South America’s largest publishing group, needed to produce a high quality book series commemorating the 70th anniversary of World War II. Chock full of beautifully executed color illustrations, maps, and historic photos, the series consisted of 30 collectible hardback volumes strategically released weekly at Newsstands throughout Brazil. Assembled together, a hot stamp on the spine revealed the series logo. CPS produced the book series over the course of several months, attending to multiple press checks weekly, and conducting page-by-page final inspections to ensure top quality for this significant and high-profile work.

Key Challenges: Each book in the series contained many crossovers of color illustrations and rich black or duotone photos. At the same time, a theme of red design bars ran throughout each book. In order to assure tight registration and seamless color matching of those areas, strategic decisions were made regarding press management and balancing of interdependent pages. Likewise, a close eye was kept on the hot stamps, knowing that their alignment throughout the series was the key to the success of the spine visual effect. To complicate matters, the schedule was breakneck, with volumes in some cases needing to be turned from PDF to pallet in one week.

Techniques Used: Custom paper production, Offset Printing, Hot Foil Stamping, Lamination, Shrinkwrapping, ISPM certified pallets.